Parking/Traffic Enforcement Officer
By City of West Sacramento At West Sacramento, CA, United States
Patrols assigned areas within the City of West Sacramento.
Identifies vehicles in violation of parking codes, laws, and regulations.
Issues parking violation citations; responds to parking complaints and inquiries.
Reports traffic accidents, abandoned vehicles, and traffic hazards.
Provides information to the public regarding location of streets, buildings, and points of interest.
Directs pedestrian and vehicle traffic during special events that occur within the City of West Sacramento.
Supervising Parking/Ordinance Operations Officer
By County of Riverside At Riverside, CA, United States

About The Position The County of Riverside seeks candidates to fill positions throughout Riverside County. A list of eligible candidates will be established to fill current and future vacancies. ...

Parking Enforcement Officer Jobs
By City of Sacramento At Sacramento, CA, United States
Have strong customer services skills and experience working with the public.
Basic skills in public contact.
2. Training and Experience Exam
Demonstrate high professional standards as representatives of the City of Sacramento.
Possess proficiency in communication due to regular interactions with other sections and departments within the City of Sacramento.
Perform field investigations for parking citation reviews.
Parking Hearings Officer Part Time 15 Hrs./Wk.
By Town of Winchester At , Winchester, Ma $27.28 - $39.81 an hour
Will administer and maintain the Town’s Parking Ticket payment system.
Will be responsible for the receipt, processing, and recording of all parking ticket payments, and all notifications and notices issued.
Will work in coordination with the outside vendor to accomplish the marking at the RMV and issues all RMV releases.
May be required to make court appearances on behalf of the TOWN.
Salary Grade: PT-9 $27.28 - 39.81 per hour
May 10, 2023 8:00 AM
Parking Education And Enforcement Officer
By Borough of Lansdale At Lansdale, PA, United States

completed application must be included if submitting a resume.

Parking / Traffic Control Officer
By City of Huntington Beach, CA At , Huntington Beach, Ca $3,795 - $5,085 a month
All applications will be closely reviewed for relevant experience, education, and training.
Upon a conditional offer of employment, a pre-placement medical evaluation and drug screening must be completed with acceptable results.
will have experience performing public contact or customer service work related to enforcement.
An on-line application must be completed in its entirety
Upon hire, employee is subject to further reporting from DOJ via subsequent arrest notification.
This promotional recruitment is only open to current "Regular" City of Huntington Beach employees.
Parking Officer Jobs
By Atrium Health At , Macon, 31201, Ga

High School Diploma or GED

Valid Georgia driver’s license, P.O.S.T. certified.

Do you have a passion for keeping order and enforcing the law? We are looking for a Parking Officer to join our team and help us ensure that our city's parking regulations are followed. As a Parking Officer, you will be responsible for issuing tickets, patrolling parking lots, and responding to complaints. If you are a detail-oriented individual who enjoys working outdoors, this could be the perfect job for you!


A Parking Officer is responsible for enforcing parking regulations in a designated area. They patrol the area, issue tickets to violators, and may also be responsible for collecting fines and other fees. They may also be required to provide customer service, answer questions, and provide information to the public.

How To Become an Parking Officer:

To become a Parking Officer, you will need to have a high school diploma or equivalent. You may also need to complete a training program or have prior experience in law enforcement or customer service. You may also need to pass a background check and have a valid driver’s license.

Parking Officer Skills:

• Knowledge of parking regulations
• Ability to enforce parking regulations
• Ability to issue tickets
• Ability to collect fines and other fees
• Excellent customer service skills
• Ability to answer questions and provide information
• Good communication skills
• Good problem-solving skills
• Ability to work independently
• Ability to work in a team environment
• Good organizational skills
• Ability to work in all weather conditions

What is Parking Officer Knowledge?

• Knowledge of local parking regulations
• Knowledge of traffic laws
• Knowledge of customer service principles
• Knowledge of ticketing systems
• Knowledge of computer systems
• Knowledge of safety regulations

What is Parking Officer Responsibilities?

• Patrol designated area to enforce parking regulations
• Issue tickets to violators
• Collect fines and other fees
• Provide customer service and answer questions
• Provide information to the public
• Maintain records of tickets issued
• Report any suspicious activity
• Follow safety regulations

What is Parking Officer Experience?

• Previous experience in law enforcement or customer service
• Previous experience in ticketing systems
• Previous experience in computer systems
• Previous experience in safety regulations

What is Parking Officer Qualifications?

• High school diploma or equivalent
• Valid driver’s license
• Ability to pass a background check
• Ability to complete a training program

Parking Officer Education:

• High school diploma or equivalent
• Training program in parking regulations
• Training program in customer service
• Training program in ticketing systems
• Training program in computer systems
• Training program in safety regulations
What tools help Parking Officer work better?
• Ticketing systems
• Computer systems
• Mobile devices
• GPS systems
• Digital cameras
• Radar guns
Good tips to help Parking Officer do more effectively?
• Be familiar with local parking regulations.
• Be aware of your surroundings.
• Be courteous and professional when dealing with the public.
• Follow safety regulations at all times.
• Be organized and keep accurate records.
• Be proactive in enforcing parking regulations.
Common Parking Officer interview questions?
• What experience do you have in law enforcement or customer service?
• What do you know about parking regulations?
• How would you handle a difficult customer?
• What do you know about ticketing systems?
• What do you know about computer systems?
• What do you know about safety regulations?